The Nautica Cancelli building boats made entirely of aluminum Marino 5083.
This aluminum alloy protects itself independently from corrosione.Ossidandosi creates a very thin and resistant patina that serves as protection.
That's why Al5083 is perfect for environments marini.La its lightness and strength mean speed 'higher, greater savings in terms of fuel consumption, greater load with low motorizzazioni.Non has rivals in terms of strength, durability' and opportunity 'to recycling.
All accessories are mounted via rubber blocks from aluminum, TEFLON®, Duralac® or fiberglass, in such a way as not to allow corrosione.Tutti the holes for the accessories and for the screws are drilled before painting so as to exploit the properties insulating enamels.
So doing the hull has no potential differences that create galvanic current between the metals. Furthermore we only use screws A4 stainless steel 316.
Aft we assemble the classic zinc that will sacrifice themselves for aluminum when some electrons were to have gotten lost in the electrical system. Finally even the antifouling choice is devoid of metals, such as copper.
These boats have huge advantages over fiberglass: low maintenance costs, low fuel consumption due to low weight, high durability and reliability '.
The draft of the boat, after being computed, is transmitted to the plasma cutting machine.
The result are handmade boats built with care and precision, by an Italian design with robust and efficient hulls.
With our boats we were able to reduce the costs of purchasing, use and maintenance.
Our boats can be pre-existing or customized templates as per customer's request.
Huge savings in fuel consumption, very low maintenance costs, robustness over any standard, unsinkable, Italian design and customizability make our boats a timeless product.