Cancelli 25 WA



Technical Characteristics:

Material: Marine Grade Aluminium 5083 H111, thicknesses 5, 6, 8 and 15 mm

Length: 7.5 m

Length f.t.:8.1 m

Width: 2.55 ms

Weight:1200 Kg

Payload: 8 persons 

Engine:  recommended from 200HP to 300 HP or 2x175 HP (double engine)

Max Speed: from 36 knots (200 HP) to 52 knots (350 HP)

Petrol Tanks: in polystyrene 300 Lt

Water Tank: from 100 LT

Design Category CE: B/C



Cancelli 25 Walkaround is a combined fisherman that mixes seaworthiness and overall performances with a comfortable deck. This feature can satisfy any ship owner’s require, even the hardest to please. This kind of boat can be used for recreation or fishing purpose, providing a comfortable and wide deck to pass a day at the seaside.


The stable hull allows to return to the port in any sea or weather condition; it is made with Marine Aluminium Grade resistant to corrosion and it is composed by watertight compartments with polystyrene bouncy reserves in order to make the boat unsinkable. 


Cancelli 25 Walkaround is designed with attention to the comfort on board: the deck is wide enough to create a sunbath zone at stern and it is provided with a 60cm passage that makes the cockpit easy reachable; the lunch/dinner area has two sofas ad a reversible table and the the stern sofa hides the "Del Vivo" basin provided with safe shackles.


The Bolster - the pilot's seat (also provided with safe shackles) - can contain a fridge and it is really useful as pilot's seatback. The console is completely customizable and the instrumentation is really well-placed to ensure a comfortable driving position.


Another innovation is the "G-Top" roof realised with a continued curved tube and welded with a metal sheet that can be used as a base for lights or instruments.  At Stern entrance there is a ladder and the "walkorund zone" includes the deckhouse upon which is possible to install comfortable pillows to create a sunbath deck. The stern ends with a watertight compartment containing the anchor. Through a 60cm door it is possible to enter into the deckhouse with a 160x180 cm bed under which is possible to place an on-board equipment and baggage. On its right, the toilet and the shower are installed. The housedeck is well lighted up during the day and by night thanks to the lighting system. 


The hull is completely welded by ARC "Weco Power Pulse" with ALM GS. Accessories are installed with stain steel screws 316 AG (UNI5933 - UNI6593 - UNI6955 - UNI 7473), TEFLON capsulated or isolated with trixotocopic polyurethane.




Completely customisable tapestry

Windshield wiper



Anchor electric windlass


Water repellent inside tapestry (various colours)

Electronic accessories (GPS, Echo, VHF)

Customisable wrapping

Battery charger and inverter

Antenna predisposition