CANCELLI 20 Fishwork

Technical features
Material: Marine Aluminum 5083 H321 - H 111 mm thick. mm. 4-6 -12 (AFT)
Length: 6.00 m
f.t length 6.10 m .:
Width: 2.30 m
Weight: 620 Kg
Draught: 0.3 m
Hull: deep V with variable geometry
Recommended engines: 70 to 140 hp
Maximum speed: 35 MPH
CE category: C
Capacity: 6 people
stationary self-draining
Unsinkable, 3 watertight compartments
Open versatile that maximizes the space, comfort and safety on board. The hull is derived from larger models and is designed specifically for an engine that offers 70/115 hp with which guarantees outstanding performance. The plane is reached without any pull-up on the speed of 8 knots at a very low speed and without having to "push" on the throttle; This means the possibility to navigate with little load but also with 6 people and all l 'equipment without performance variations and above all without having to regret more powerful engines (and expensive), while maintaining low power consumption and can count on an ever-present power reserve .
A dry, stable hull, both laterally and longitudinally, allows you to get back in all weather conditions. Easy to drive stable dry manoeuvrable, and incredibly robust. Thanks to the marine aluminum alloy of considerable thickness, to the continuous structural grid system and verified by means of 3D structural analysis software, is able to withstand all types of stress wave without any problem. The continuous welding and the structural blanket combine to form a monolith with no weak points.
Then seaworthy for their great comfort on board. The space between the deck elements is not always high and is never tight. The console is a good size to provide greater comfort to the driver, the steering wheel is at the correct height, the windshield repair by the wind in the guide and the space in front of the driver is more than ample to mount any type of instrumentation (such as a iPad or a 9-inch GPS). Front of the console is a large sundeck where you stà comfortably protected from gunwale to below which lies a large locker to store all the equipment on board. Here is a pond area in which there are anchor and chain. The floorboard is drained from a large diameter scuppers and conceals the fuel tank in cross-linked polyethylene and dell'acqua.La boat tank is fully inspected.
For anglers, there are rod holders recessed and free zones on request, available with liveries of various colors and optional on request.
The boat is unsinkable (polystyrene all 'inside) and compartmentalized, self-draining even when stationary.